Gaila’s Breast Cancer

A friend connected me with a friend who had just been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.


Gaila received her diagnosis a few days before I began joining her at the medical appointments. Here she waits on the results of her mammogram.


Gaila submits to a battery of tests, including X-Rays, an MRI, and a host of blood tests.

MRI Bone Scan


After the Mastectomy, First Sight

Gaila chose to have a mastectomy, then forgo further Western medical treatment. Her family looks on after the bandages are removed.

After the Mastectomy, Checking the Wound

Gaila's surgeon removes the bandages from her mastectomy to check the wound.

Playing Around with a Prosthesis

Gaila strove to keep her sense of humor, here playing around with a breast prosthesis

The Family

The Family: Mother, Daughter, Granddaughter